Welcome to Ganesh Hastakala

Ganesh Hastakala is the manufacturer of handmade felt from the Nepal which is most popular for all kinds of handmade felt products and famous all over the world as handmade felt craft. It is established on 2002 with the cooperative of 50+ young people. Our company lies in the west of Kathmandu,Thankot where we can easily work on different designs of felt products and deliver it timely.

Our felt company leads to those uneducated person to live standard life by providing skilled and training program of all handmade felt products.
Nowadays, they are moving forwarded by producing durability and best productions of different handmade felt products. Ganesh Hastakala also have mutual and cooperative relationship to other fellow company. It is also one of oldest and vast producer of handmade felt products. We mainly produce according to your custom designs but we do have various designs as well.

We have been working on the field for around two decades so the experience and the quality would definitely help to satisfy any felt lovers’ need.